1st status workshop of the BMBF growth core HIPS - High Performance Sensor Technology


Next week the 1st Public Status Workshop on the HIPS Growth Core will take place at the host TU Ilmenau. In the context of this 1st status workshop on the BMBF growth core HIPS, Andrea Cyriax will present current developments of the CiS Forschungsinstitut in the field of MEMS sensor technology. In the second presentation "Development of multifunctional gas sensors of highest reliability based on SiCer composite substrate technology" the joint project on gas sensor technology, which is coordinated by CiS Forschungsinstitut, will be presented by Dr. Klaus Ettrich.

Thuringia's industrial companies and research institutions are working together in the growth core HIPS to develop new high-performance sensors based on the already patented SiCer technology and to market them jointly in the future. SiCer technology stands for a unique combination of silicon technology (Si) with ceramic multilayer technology (Cer).