Thermopiles for non-contact temperature measurement at humans


The current situation around Corona and the COVID-19 pandemic requires very dynamic action and above-average commitment. Within the scope of current industrial orders the CiS Forschungsinstitut develops and manufactures innovative thermopiles together with partners. These sensors allow non-contact temperature measurement and are used in contactless thermometers in gate solutions.

Thermopiles for mass application in fever measuring devices with reading distances between 1-2 centimeters are already available on the market. The aim of the development work of the CiS Forschungsinstitut is a sensor with ranges between 0.5 and two meters, with the average distance being about one meter. The cost-effective sensor offers an accuracy of 0.2 °C at 100 measuring points per second. The resulting time-resolved measurement curve allows a temperature measurement on the forehead of the passer-by without restricting his or her movement. This enables a contactless and interference-free identification of people with elevated body temperature or fever already from a distance of one meter.

The current demand is coming from Asia, but there will soon be an urgent demand for such sensor technologies for the European market as well. The teams at the CiS Forschungsinstitut are acting as quickly as possible to implement the development and upcoming production at short notice. With this, we, also as a member of the Research and Technology Association of Thuringia e.V. (FTVT) as well as founding member of the German Industrial Research Association Konrad Zuse (Zuse Community), we want to react appropriately to the current circumstances and provide state-of-the-art technologies where they are most needed.