Development of a sensor for early fault detection in high-performance batteries


After a successful pitch in the context of the technology competition getstarted2gether at the beginning of this year, the start-up project "Early fault detection in high-performance batteries" of start-up DC Industrie Entwicklung GmbH is currently being further developed to production and process maturity.

The ignition or explosion of the lithium-ion battery of an electric car is the worst-case scenario for both car owners and car manufacturers. The cause is the so-called thermal cycling of the lithium-ion battery. Chemical reactions multiply the internal pressure of the battery until the battery is ignited or explodes. By means of an additional indicator from the pressure measurement, an early warning system with countermeasures is to be triggered so that pressure and temperature in the battery fall back to normal levels.

With a specialized pressure sensor, which is to be installed inside the lithium-ion battery of an electric car, DC Industrie Entwicklung GmbH offers a new level of safety for high-performance batteries. For the further development of the sensor as well as the transfer into a possible production of this high-precision industrial pressure sensor, the CiS Forschungsinstitut will be available to the young start-up with its technical infrastructure as well as its competence in silicone from more than 25 years.