Optical characterization of UV LED modules


For several years, the CiS Forschungsinstitut has been working intensively with many partners in the consortium "Advanced UV for Life" (BMBF-funded programme "Zwanzig20 - Partnerschaft für Innovation") in all aspects of production, assembly, metrological characterisation and application-oriented use of UV LEDs.

In particular, the optoelectric measurement technology and the associated evaluation have been significantly further developed in this context. For example, a measurement set-up for the optical determination of optical power has been established and has been optimised and evaluated on the basis of many measurement series. Constructive changes in the measurement data acquisition led, for example, to an increase in the reproducibility in the acquisition of the light extraction efficiency of UV LED chips and their radiation characteristics. The measurement uncertainty could be reduced to less than 3 % at an angular resolution of 1.5 °.

At the same time the evaluation routine was revised and expanded. This now enables an absolute comparison of the radiation characteristics of different measurements with each other. The standardization procedure is currently being tested in order to be able to compare the individual measurement results. By means of a customer-specific Si package developed at the CiS Forschungsinstitut, the improvement of the performance of the UV LED package can be visualised and proven.
The measurement setup is also available for other optical characterizations.