CiS Workshop Trilogy started

With the Workshop on Quantum Technologies, the exciting workshop autumn at the CiS Forschungsinstitute began. In four sessions, the two-day hybrid event offered current research results from the fields of quantum sensor technology, quantum communication and computing as well as enabling technologies. Further workshops on NDIR sensor technology (14 October) and pressure sensor technology (29 October) will follow every two weeks.

CiS Workshop on Quantum Technologies

Well-known speakers from research and industry presented their work and company activities at the 1st International Workshop on Quantum Technologies in Erfurt. Special focus was put on the quantum material diamond, which was highlighted in the keynote speech of Prof. Jan Meijer (University of Leipzig) for sensor applications. Concepts for quantum computer processors based on diamond included the lectures of Prof. Milos Nesladek (University of Hasselt, BE) and Dr. Tim Taminiau (QuTech, TU Delft, NL). The great importance of these investigations is also based on the fact that quantum effects in diamond can be used at room temperature. Dr. Daniel Twitchen (Element Six, GB) also addressed the development of low-cost diamond manufacturing processes to achieve the excellent quality of diamonds and diamond coatings required for industrial quantum applications, while at the same time being cost efficient.

The conclusion of the participants was very positive. In the hybrid event (presence and online participants and speakers) all participants succeeded in maintaining an intensive discourse. Organiser was the CiS e.V.
The CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH also presented itself as a developer of optoelectronic sensor elements and sensor systems for quantum technologies for industrial applications with contributions and demonstrators. Due to the connection in terms of content, the BMBF-funded joint project DiaQuantFab ( also benefits here and forms a further milestone in the Smart Diamonds network, a BMBF-funded innovation forum.