MEMS workshop: Wafer bonding process for pressure sensors


Virtually connected, the participants of the pressure sensor technology workshop discussed the development of sensor elements, their assembly, test methods and possible applications. In the technical presentations, aspects from simulation and design to process development and the characterisation and analysis of complete assemblies were considered. The different topics showed that many aspects have to be considered for an excellent performance. The focus of this year's workshop was, among other things, on wafer bonding processes, which Prof. Roy Knechtel presented in detail in his introductory lecture. Due to miniaturisation and growing complexity of the final components, multivariate data analysis and simulation methods are increasingly necessary in order to generate the desired application-specific properties at low cost. Industry representatives impressively demonstrated applications for automotive, medical technology and energy supply. Reliable testing and characterisation methods to prove long-term stability even under extreme environmental conditions and high temperatures are absolutely necessary for a wide range of applications in these areas. The intensive discourse and open communication even without participation in the event enabled new approaches and ideas for research projects and industrial cooperation.

Organizer of this workshop was the CiS e.V.