10th Advisory Board Meeting of the AUVL Consortium


The 10th advisory board meeting of the Advanced UV for Life (AUVL) consortium is taking place today as an online event. The CiS Forschungsinstitut is the coordinator of the working field "Modules & Measurement Technology". Prof. Thomas Ortlepp will give a lecture from 11:45 am to 12:20 pm about value creation and supply chains within this field of work.

Together with nine partners from industry and research, the CiS Research Institute works in seven projects within the consortium. The main focus of the working field is the development of automated assembly processes and technology platforms for UV LED applications in the fields of disinfection, production, environment & life science and medicine.

Based on newly developed LED chips, all components for a system design could be established and tested and a wide range of modules and components for systems could be built. From an industrial point of view, assembly processes were developed, optimised and tested on fully automatic machines with cycle times of a few seconds. At present, the first industrially produced modules are being provided and tested for the fields of application.

The Advanced UV for Life consortium is an alliance of companies and research institutes dedicated to the development and application of UV LEDs.
More Info: https://www.advanced-uv.de/themenfelder/module-messtechnik