Innovative process and safety sensor technology for "green hydrogen


The German government's National Hydrogen Strategy (NWS) is a building block for successful climate change, environmental protection in practice and secure energy supply. In the future, hydrogen will also be considered as a medium for energy storage and will thus be available for a wide variety of applications in industry and mobility. Efficient hydrogen production is subject to processes that require monitoring, which in turn require extensive safety technology and thus long-term stable, precise sensor technology.

As a specialist for the development of application-specific silicon-based sensors, the CiS Research Institute is dedicated to the topic of "green hydrogen" in various research projects. For example, two projects are also being worked on within the HYPOS consortium, the funding initiative "Twenty20 - Partnership for Innovation" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. This network investigates and develops solutions for the use of hydrogen along the entire value chain from production, storage and distribution to the broad application of "green hydrogen" in the chemical industry, refinery, mobility and energy supply. Both projects serve to monitor electrolysers and storage systems.

Collaboration on the content of current research topics, including hydrogen, is bundled at regional level by the Forschungs- und Technologieverbund Thüringen e.V. (FTVT). With the new member Institute for Applied Hydrogen Research Sonneberg (HySON), ten research institutions in the state of Thuringia are now networked to further advance the innovative power and development potential of research and small and medium-sized businesses in the Free State.

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