Further development of the founding project "Ultra-wideband microwave sensor technology"


Compact ultra-wideband microwave sensors can be used in a variety of applications. On the one hand, spectrally resolved detection and data analysis can be used for the non-contact investigation of liquids (impedance spectroscopy). On the other hand, a short-range radar with spatial resolution in the sub-millimeter range can be realized by evaluating time-of-flight differences.

Ilmsens GmbH is developing the next generation of such sensors, which will also be suitable for mobile applications thanks to an extremely compact design. In doing so, the company is relying on cooperation with the CiS Research Institute for Microsensors. The cooperation has been funded since fall 2020 as part of the "getstarted2gether" program - initiated by the Forschungs- und Technologieverbund Thüringen e.V. (FTVT), funded by the Thuringian Ministry of Economy, Science and Digital Society (TMWWDG).

The jointly pursued goal is a compact and robust design as a "system-in-package". For this purpose, the special circuits developed by Ilmsens for analog high frequency, analog-to-digital conversion and data processing are mounted and optimally interconnected within a common housing with regard to signal transmission quality and miniaturization aspects. For this purpose, the CiS Research Institute uses its expertise in packaging and interconnection technology for innovative chip-to-chip contacts with extremely short and flat loops as well as for long-term stable, hermetic packaging.

The successful cooperation is characterized by the fruitful exchange between the specialist departments of both partners as well as the result-oriented working method with regular comparison of the set milestones. The current cooperation between the Thuringian high-tech start-up and the established business-related research institution, which provides infrastructure and know-how, exemplifies the recipe for success of the "getstarted2gether" program.

With the support of the TMWWDG and a continuation of the concept, a new significant building block in technology promotion is available, which makes Thuringia internationally known as a technology location and binds highly qualified specialists.

Contact Ilmsens GmbH:     Angelika Stern, angelika.sternilmsenscom
Contact CiS Forschungsinstitut:    Dr. Martin Schädel, mschaedelcismstde