Particle measurement by laser diffraction


Today, at the opening ceremony of the international conference "Sensor and Measurement Science International", the winners of the AMA Innovation Award 2021 will be awarded. Research teams from the CiS Research Institute and Fritsch GmbH - Grinding and Measuring from Idar-Oberstein have also applied with a joint development project "Particle measurement using laser diffraction".

Particle size and shape are important analysis information in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The heart of Fritsch GmbH's application-oriented laboratory equipment for particle measurement is an optical system consisting of a laser unit and the detector system. An essential component of the new development here was the detector, which allows an extraordinarily high accuracy of the scattering angle measurement, especially at the smallest angles.

An essential innovation of the detector is the exact positioning of this hole at the smallest possible distance from the first light-sensitive detector surface. In addition, the exact dimensional accuracy and extremely high reproducibility and shape fidelity in the creation of the hole is of great importance for the proper functioning of the detector. At the CiS Research Institute, a technological platform was developed to meet these requirements within the framework of the INNO-KOM project MuFoDi (multifunction photodiode with several three-dimensionally delimited active areas for high resolution and temperatures).

With this development, Fritsch GmbH from Idar Oberstein was able to realize a system that sets new standards in terms of compactness and measuring range. The CiS Research Institute provided significant support in the sensor design and delivered an innovative, fully tested and ready-to-install sensor to Fritsch GmbH. The significantly higher measuring range, combined with the highest accuracy and sensitivity for the smallest particles, persuaded both development teams to submit this product for the AMA Innovation Award 2021.

The research and development work in the project Multifunction Photodiode with Multiple Three-Dimensionally Delimited Active Areas for High Resolution and Temperatures (MuFoDi) was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.
Funding Code: MF140127