Second online webinar successful - Further topics planned


Our second online webinar on the topic of "Silicon-based Piezoresistive Force Sensors" on 20.04.2021 was a complete success. The speakers Dr. Klaus Ettrich, Business Unit Manager MEMS, Dr. Thomas Frank, Department Manager MEMS, and André Grün, Development Engineer Packaging Technology, presented MEMS-based piezoresistive force sensors for monitoring preload forces or contact forces.

Our webinar covered the technical basics of such sensors and we showed some demonstrators of silicon strain gauges (Si strain gauges) we developed. For a successful implementation, the choice of an appropriate assembly and connection technology (AVT) is crucial. It influences the accuracy, function and longevity of a sensor system. In which applications our miniaturized force sensors are used, we report before we answered your questions.

Further topics on our developments and current research results are in the planning stage. Be curious!