17.06.2021: CiS cyclists win 3 trees for a better climate in Erfurt


Under the slogan "Cycling for a good climate", every year cycling teams pedal for 21 days for more cycle paths, climate protection and quality of life in cities and communities.

This year, the 14-strong team of "CiS cyclists" covered more than 3,200 km in the "Stadtradeln Erfurt" competition, doubling their distance covered in comparison with last year. The team thus exceeded its self-imposed goal of winning at least two trees and will be allowed to plant three trees in the fall. For every 1,000 kilometers cycled, the Environment and Nature Conservation Office of the state capital Erfurt will donate a tree, with the support of the German Forest Protection Association. With their athletic performance, they also saved more 470 kg of CO2 emissions.

In total, the 151 teams covered more than 323,000 kilometers, circling the equator almost eight times. In addition, more than 48 tons of CO2 emissions were avoided in Erfurt.

We would like to congratulate all participants on this sporting success.

Results as of 17.06.2021, https://www.stadtradeln.de/erfurt