Start for new preliminary research project


The new research project "High-End Acceleration Sensors" (HEB) deals with the development of highest resolution capacitive MEMS acceleration sensors.
The CiS Research Institute takes up classical single-chip concepts from basic research and starts the attempt to transfer them into cost-efficient wafer-level processes. High-end features compared to consumer products are a significantly thicker seismic mass, a laterally arranged differential capacitor and hermetic packaging.

As a demonstrator embodiment, statically operated tilt sensors with a resolution of 0.001° are targeted. The tilt angle of the sensor results in an effective acceleration due to gravity. This causes a deflection of the spring-mass system, which is read out by a lateral differential capacitor.

This research project will create the theoretical and experimental basis for building a CMOS-compatible development and technology platform for ultra-sensitive acceleration sensors at wafer level.
The highly sensitive sensors can be used in structural monitoring of buildings and bridges, for inclination measurement in leveling systems as well as in high-precision measuring devices or plant equipment in medicine and pharmacy.

The research and development work in the High-End Acceleration Sensors (HEB) project was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.
Funding code: 49VF200064