R&D project PhIR-10 - Gas detection based on absorbers integrated in thermopiles


Thermopiles are used as detectors in many applications. They measure temperatures without contact or detect the concentration of various substances in a gas mixture in non-dispersive infrared gas analysis. The gas to be analyzed is irradiated with infrared light. When a gas to be detected enters the chamber, it absorbs part of the infrared radiation at characteristic wavelengths. This signal attenuation is converted into a gas concentration.

The newly launched PHIR 10 research project focuses on the development of thermopiles with special absorbers. The absorbers are dimensioned with the aid of optical simulations and manufactured and analyzed using established semiconductor processes.

The research and development work in the project "Gas detection based on absorbers integrated in thermopiles" (PhIR 10) is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.
Funding code: 49MF210027