Start of the NewPARZ research project - New micro-optical particle counter for large volume flows


In microelectronics, food manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical industries, production takes place under standardized environmental conditions. Clean rooms, with controlled humidification and dehumidification, constant temperatures, special air filtration systems help to reduce contamination by environmental influences as far as possible and to comply with quality standards.One criterion is the control of the particle concentration in the room air and its size classification in order to monitor dust generation and to know possible effects on manufacturing.

With the project start "New micro-optical particle counter for large volume flows (NewPARZ)" the CiS Research Institute aims at the development of a novel sensor module for laser-based particle counters. The envisaged optoelectronic particle counter for gas-bearing particles shall be suitable for counting and classifying very low particle concentrations at high volume flow rates - as for example in the monitoring of clean room boxes in pharmacies - and classify particle sizes >0.3; >0.5;>1.0;>2.5;>5.0 µm. The established 90° scattered light arrangement for single particle detection will be applied. The development work will be advanced to the demonstrator stage and tested for applications in pharmaceutical laboratories or clean room boxes for pharmacies.

The research and development work in the project "New micro-optical particle counter for large volume flows" (NewPARZ) was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.
Funding code: 49MF210049