Assembly and packaging - compact, application-specific and industry relevant


A new micro-assembly center expands the technological basis for the development of technological solutions for the fully automated production of application-specific UV LED modules in various series sizes. The modular system concept allows the most important assembly and packaging steps to be carried out in one unit. Special functions for laser soldering, solder paste dispensing and jetting, pick & place of fragile components, high-precision yet fast alignment of UV-LEDs, innovative joining processes such as thermosonic bonding can be realized with this platform. The individual processes are qualified separately during the development and are later processed automatically. The so-called plug and play concept allows a quick change between different process configurations as well as the integration of new and own developed assembly units.

The requirements for UV LED assembly are manifold. They range from the assembly of the most diverse UV LED types in the smallest of spaces, through the development of high-power surface emitters with extremely good heat dissipation, to wafer-level packaging. Standard components for control electronics can also be processed using classic joining technology. This requires a high degree of flexibility in the process sequence as well as in the periphery of the micro-assembly center.

With these possibilities, the research and development services of CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH set a new milestone for the fast transfer and scaling up of the developed processes into an industrial environment.

The project "Advanced UV for Life" is funded within the framework of the program "Zwanzig20 - Partnerschaft für Innovation".