Workshop „Future Technologies for Radiation Detectors”


For the third time, the international workshop "Future of Silicon Detector Technologies" focused on technologies and devices for the development and manufacture of radiation detectors. The focus was also on future research priorities in order to be able to produce sensors with extremely high radiation hardness with long-term stability and cost-effectiveness. The new experiments at CERN and the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt in particular require this radiation hardness in addition to other technical parameters.

New technologies for radiation and image sensors with which innovative concepts for pixel detectors and other tracking detectors can be realized were also discussed.

Contributions on defect and design aspects, highly specialized assembly and connection technologies and analysis methods covered the entire value chain up to the finished system.


This workshop will continue on 03/04 December 2018, which in turn will focus on radiation detectors in the big science market.