Blood pressure measurement without cuff

Press release 19/2016

In our society, the number of patients with chronic heart diseases is constantly increasing. This disproportionate prevalence, especially in Western countries, is due in particular to risk factors to which patients are exposed through their lifestyle: Stress, overweight, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure or lack of exercise are just a few examples of prominent risk factors that are often mutually dependent.

Physicians find important diagnostic information when examining the temporal course of the pulse wave in the arteries. The precise analysis of fine details of the pulse waveform allows statements to be made about the vascular condition and the central blood pressure of a patient. A non-invasive way of measuring the pulse waveform is to record the pressure curve in an upper arm cuff pumped up via the systolic pressure. Such measurements are unpleasant and can only be used for a short time.

The CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH has developed photoplethysmographic sensors with a high signal-to-interference ratio that enable detailed shape analysis of pulse waves measured in the ear. By comparing the photoplethysmographic pulse shape recorded in the ear with the suprasystolic pressure wave recorded synchronously on a cuff, it was possible to develop a model for the transfer of the pressure wave into the photoplethysmogram (PPG). The resulting recalculation of the PPG into an image of the peripheral blood pressure wave opens up new possibilities for the continuous acquisition of such data with low patient stress. In principle, the pulse wave velocity can also be determined from the component decomposition of the pressure waveform.

Initial tests confirm that continuous monitoring of blood pressure changes is possible with photoplethysmographic sensors and common mathematical circulation models. The comfortably portable ear sensor can thus open up new ways of long-term monitoring of the cardiovascular condition. The next steps are already planned with the clinical evaluation and evaluation of the technical solution.

Presentation of the results:
electronica, 08-11 November 2016, München, Hall B1, Booth 225
COMPAMED, 14-17 November 2016, Düsseldorf, Hall 8A, Booth H23.1

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