Multi-Parameter Sensors for Point-of-Care-Testing

Press information 08/2017

Biological and chemical analyses on the smallest volumes allow a resource-saving and significantly faster access to new findings in the life sciences. Miniaturization and automated biological protocols now enable the development of mobile laboratory devices (figure 1). This opens up many new opportunities in quality and safety monitoring, e.g., in medical and pharmaceutical applications or along the food production chain.

A multi-channel measuring head for tests on sample volumes in the nanoliter range has been de-veloped at CiS Research Institute in cooperation with international partners within the framework of the European research project “SMARTER SI” (GA-No. 644596). The principle is based on the fluorescence and absorption measurement on an array of different enzyme pixels. The chemically sensitive pixels measuring only a few 100 µm are analyzed through a switchable array of parallel beams generated by a combination of LED chips, micro-optical lens arrays and optical filters (figure 2). On the basis of the color response of the enzyme pixels measured within fractions of a second, the detection and concentration determination of various substances are possible. In the present case, different allergens (egg, milk, gluten) as well as toxins such as moulds in foodstuffs and ani-mal feed are analysed.
However, the technically open concept can also be applied to other applications in the field of im-munoassay-based bioanalysis.

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CiS Research Institute for Microsensor Systems GmbH is a leading R & D provider in the fields of optical, micromechanical and piezoresistive sensors as well as silicon detectors. It employs more than 100 employees and supports companies in the development of customized solutions in the fields of sensor and microsystem technology and manufactures these in small batches. Basis is the silicon technology with the specialties: 3D structuring, stacking technologies and double-sided wafer processing.

About SMARTER-SI – Smarter Access to Manufacturing for Systems Integration
SMARTER-SI, an alliance of European research institutes, offers a new manufacturing platform to produce state-of-the-art microsystems for SMEs and midcaps in small quantities as cost-efficiently as possible and without lengthy development.
The European Commission has chosen Smarter-SI as one of four reference projects for the initia-tive “Smart Anything Everywhere”.

SMARTER-SI is an Innovation Action funded by the European Commission in the horizon 2020 program (Funding code 644596) as well as by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (Funding code 15.0085).
Cooperation partners are: Hahn-Schickard (Germany), CiS (Germany), CSEM (Switzerland), IK4-Ikerlan (Spain), Swerea IVF (Sweden), UCC-TNI (Ireland), IPHT (Germany), VDI/VDE-IT (Germa-ny) and seven companies

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POCT: point-of-care-testing, near-patient laboratory- / instant diagnosis
Disposable: in this context disposable cartridges
Pixel: measurement point
LED: light emitting diode
Immunoassay: analytical detection of an antigen-antibody-binding

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