Microsystem engineering

In the field of microsystem engineering work is being carried out on the development and manufacturing of components, modules and sensor systems, whose main item in each case is a silicon chip processed with the appropriate technologies. Depending on which physical mechanism of action attention is focused on, microelectronic switches can be combined or integrated with micromechanical (MEMS) or microoptical (MOEMS) elements to produce customer-specific solutions.

The relevant activities at CiS are divided between the two business units MEMS, MOEMS and Silicon Detectors as follows.

MEMS business unit

  • Piezoresistive sensors: high-tensile pressure sensors; analysis, simulation and design
  • Pressure sensors; media-resistant pressure sensors; innovative concepts
  • Impedimetric sensors: microcondensation; dewpoint
  • Microfluidics; bio-sensors; microarrays
  • Micromechanical components and modules: silicon cantilevers; micro sensing devices
  • Nano/micro-force sensors; haptic sensors; infrared sensors; zero power microsensors
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MOEMS business unit

  • Minaturized reflectometric emmitter-receiver modules, e.g. for
    • Particle sensors
    • Fluorescence sensors
    • Absorption sensors
    • Interference sensors
  • Micro optical sensor systems, e.g. for
    • the monitoring of vital parameters
    • the leveling of technical systems
    • contactless measurement of surface thoatiness
    • measurment of light incidence angle to surfaces
  • Miniaturisized light units from UV to Near IR
  • Assembling technologies of micro optical systems
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Business unit Silicon detectors