Contract research, development and prototyping

CiS can work on behalf of industrial enterprises or the authorities. Industrial enterprises can commission CiS to conduct research. We provide the appropriate services in compliance with requirement specifications. These may include all the elements of our value chain from system concept to prototyping. Normally CiS also carries out series production following an industrial development project.

Please note: the client company reimburses all CiS expenses that are associated with providing the solution – and once the project is complete it becomes the sole owner of the appropriate rights (IPs).

Industrial enterprises can also submit a combined application with CiS for public funding of their joint research project. In this case, CiS works on behalf of the authorities, which finance the expenses pro rata in accordance with the applicable funding policy. Based on the special funding options for small and medium-sized enterprises, agreements of this kind may be of particular interest to SMBs. The results of publicly funded projects must be published and made freely available without discrimination.

The same applies to publicly funded projects, in which CiS works in association with universities and other research institutes, for example.