Condensation sensors

The condensation sensors are monolithic integrated micro-sensors for the detection of humidity. The modules consist of a silicon integrated stray field capacitor including condensation detection area, a temperature sensor as well as a capacity frequency converter. The components are mounted on FR4-substrate. The condensation of water vapour is detected by the electrical stray fields and is converted into appropriate output signals.

Dewing sensor BTF 11344

The dewing sensor BTF 11344 changes its output frequency when water is condensed on the sensor surface. The sensor is particularly suitable for mounting onto PCBs, in small enclosures, with small thermal resistance onto the surfaces to be detected.

Humidity indicator FMR 11352

The humidity indicator FMR 11352 converts the frequency change caused by dewing on the sensor surface into a switch signal. The indicator is delivered with adjustable sensitivity and is especially suitable for mounting on smooth surfaces (cooling ceiling) and in combination with an adapter on cooling pipes.

Sensor module BTF 11356

The sensor module BTF 11356 converts the identified condensed water mass (µg/mm²) into a voltage output signal (0 ... 1 V). The temperature on the sensor surface is measured and also outputted as a voltage signal (0 ... 1 V).


  • signalling of humidity deposited from the air
  • quantitative detection of condensation on surfaces
  • monotoring of pipeline systems/cooling ceilings
  • ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitary technology
  • cooling and drying processes



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