Photo diodes

For optical precision measurements in both the industrial as well as scientific field, CiS is developing and producing client-specific silicon photo diodes and photo diode arrays for the 350–1,100nm wave length range. They can be used, for example, in measuring paths, angles and lengths, in information and communications technology, for monitoring, safety and lab measurement technology. The use of different silicon substrates enables implementation of photo diodes with alternatively

  • Low capacity (<1,5 pF/mm²)
  • Low dark current (<0,04 nA/ mm²)
  • Short rise time (<5ns).

The spectral sensitivity of all photo diodes – and individual elements if need be – can be adapted via integrated filter beds. The photo diodes are provided both as chips as well as in an enclosure.

Product examples


PIN - differential photodiodes

Differential diodes in double diode, quadruple diode, double wedge diode or circular ring diode versions.

PIN - photodiode lines

Diode lines of different element number and size of individual strips. For special monitoring functions (e.g. split position) slanted strips arranged in a row are used.

PIN - matrix photodiodes

Orthogonal arrangement of rectangular photodiode elements in matrix form of various sizes (number of rows and lines).

Client-specific PIN arrays

Photodiode arrays with application-specific geometry of sensitive areas plus form, position and spacing of the photodiodes.