Microprobe tips/force sensors

We offer microprobe tips in various sizes for force or roughness measurement.

The probe feeler (available from approx. 30µm to approx. 250µm) is formed on the tip of a cantilever up to 5mm long and allows for measuring in inaccessible places such as drill holes.

The potential uses of client-specific, piezoresistive microprobe chips range from topological measurements to injection valves to analysis of laval nozzles in satellite propulsion systems.

At CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH the basic analysis from university research work has been successfully implemented in the pilot production. It was possible to significantly enhance attributes such as the yield and long-term stability of the offset of the piezoresistive bridges. The basis of the new products is the four-inch wafer technology to produce piezoresistive pressure sensor chips established and tested as high-volume prototypes at CiS.

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