eLiSe levelling sensor

The eLiSe opto-electronic levelling sensor enables 2D position changes to be identified and corrected automatically. The technology platform developed along with Sartorius AG and Stahl Präzisionslibellen KG can be adapted to all kinds of client-specific application areas such as precision measuring technology, mechanical engineering or geodesy.
The opto-electronic scanning module comprises three components:

  • A precision circular level,
  • An opto-electronic scanning module and
  • An evaluation electronics unit.

The light shone into the circular level is diffusely reflected around the gas bubble. In the scanning module the position of the reflecting surface’s focal point is calculated from the individual currents by means of a classic four-quadrant analysis. The reflected light is recorded by the receivers arranged close by with a very good signal to noise ratio and high detection sensitivity. Therefore, the position of the bubble can be determined exactly within the system’s measuring range and the tilt calculated.

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