Optoelectronic sensor systems

Technology platform - transceiver modules

The interaction of light with materials of different types and conditions in reflection, remission, absorption and fluorescence processes allows for a variety of conclusions to be made about these materials. A transceiver module functions as the basic element of the sensor systems developed for them and consists of a silicon photodiode array, in which one or more emitters (e.g. LED or VCSEL) are implanted by means of chip-in-chip technology.

Client-specific composition of modules

Module propertyVariation range
EmitterLED, VCSEL, laser diodes (on request)
Wavelength range350–1, 100nm
GeometryLines, matrix arrangement, ring/circle structures inter alia (see photodiode arrays)
Module dimensionscustomer specific
Integrated chip temperature diodesoptional
Integrated monitor diode for emitted outputoptional
Cascadable diode connections