Areas of activity

The function of CiS is business and economy-related research. In the context of our industrial research and experimental development we conduct research projects funded by the state and federal government. This funding supports research into top level and key technologies and the opening up of new research fields. The institute has an outstanding reputation and is involved in numerous national and European networks and cooperative ventures. Another area of activity is industry-driven contract research.

CiS is characterised by its technological and cross-discipline skills, regional integration, national presence and very close collaboration with the economy. Small, medium and large businesses in industry and the service sector utilise CiS skills in research, production and cooperation and joint projects. CiS develops innovative solutions that can be deployed specifically and contributes to the widespread use of new technologies. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) especially without their own research and development capacity the CiS is a major provider of innovative expertise.

By means of appropriate application concepts and transfer measures innovative technologies and research findings are made available to the public and to SMBs.

As a business-friendly research facility, CiS also offers series production of components, modules and micro-electromechanical systems as an extension of development projects to some extent. The findings gained in production are a major input for R&D projects.
Our closely dovetailed system results in competitive advantages over public research facilities.