Assembly and packaging

The assembly and packaging division at CiS handles all the technological steps for microassembly of microelectronic components and microsystem technical sensor modules.

The application areas include

  • Assembly and packaging of microcomponents and microsensor modules
  • Technological developments for assembly and packaging.

Besides the standard microassembly procedures special technologies are ready to apply, e.g.

  • Separation of two-sided structured wafers and glass or ceramic substrates
  • Gold stud bumping for flip chip technologies
  • Gold stud microbumping for maximum frequency applications
  • Thermocompression flip chip bonds for high frequencies
  • Process of partial underfilling for special optical requirements
  • Adhesive technology for high-performance thermoplastic components
  • Chip-in-chip assembly
  • High precision chip assembly (adhesive) of ultra-miniature chips with precise adhesive dispenser tools
  • Soldering for critical component housing configurations (vapour phase soldering)
  • Bow soldering for special connections (glass, ceramic, LTCC substrates, etc.)
  • Encapsulation (glob-top, underfiller, sticking of caps)

The clean rooms include the following equipment:

  • Fully automatic ultrasound and thermosonic hybrid bonder
  • Ultrasound thick wire bonder
  • Fine placer for flip chip assembly
  • Fully automatic chip bonder
  • Wafer sawing
  • HD cleaner to scrub sawn wafers, substrates and stencils
  • Automatic dispensers
  • SMD assembler, reflow oven
  • Pull and shear tester
  • Bow soldering devices