Simulation and design

For the development of design rules and layout for mask production for the technological process the appropriate design jobs are available. Suitable software tools for simulating the sensor properties of the entire system as well as individual technological steps are available. Mechanical, electrical and thermal procedures in connection with sensor systems are designed using FEM simulation.

The job areas include:

  • Construction of new/optimised customer-specific optical/radiation-sensitive, piezoresistive and impedimetric customer-specific sensors
  • Production of sensor layout including data record completion, production of design rules and test structures
  • Simulation of semiconductor-physics electrical, optical, mechanical and thermal sensor properties
  • Production of multidomain sensor models with electrical, mechanical and thermal coupling
  • Measurement of specific sensor characteristics for model parameterisation


  • Layout - CAD software
  • FEM simulators for electrical and optical semiconductor-physics calculations (Silvaco: Atlas, Tesca)
  • FEM simulators for calculating procedural steps in semiconductor technology (Silvaco: Athena, Floods)
  • FEM simulator for calculating mechanical and thermal properties of solid state bodies (Ansys, Comsol)  
  • Parameter test site for the inclusion of sensor characteristics
  • Spice simulators (HSpice, Cadence PSpice)