CiS offers the complete technological process chain based on simulation and design through microtechnical processing and finishing of silicon and glass wafers both for sensors as well as photovoltaic systems through to testing (wafers, modules, system components), semiconductor analysis, certification and calibration.

We offer our clients individual process development and implementation of application-specific sensor components and systems.

In technology development CiS pursues both diversified as well as standardised approaches:

  • Development of production-ready process modules for microsensors: translation of development findings in micro and nano-technology into series production based on standard technologies and technology modules;
  • Provision of procedural and structural interfaces for micro and nano-technology components
  • Provision of small and medium series processing especially for SMEs.
  • Our focus in process development in microsensors and actuators is on the development integration of microengineering structuring, packaging technologies, system carriers/housing for micro and nano-technological components in series production-ready technological procedures. As such, processes that are connected with the actual wafer production (master wafers) soon regain their significance.

The main emphasis of this backend processing is three-dimensional structuring

  • Isotropic and anisotropic etching
  • Packaging technologies for wafer level packaging
  • Metallic connecting structures, especially under bump metallisation, metallic interlayers, wire bond connections, bump bond connections, soldering and solder connections, etc.

This combination of customer-oriented technological throughput makes us the ideal partner for the development and implementation of highly specialised components, which utilise flexibility in mask design and wafer processing with our variety of options in assembly and packaging.