Testing, analytics and calibration

CiS has access to all the metrological requirements to ensure the reliability and stability of the wafer process, including our own software developments for accuracy. This also includes test field/wafer testers to qualify wafers by testing and functional parameters and the resolution of parameters through double-sided wafer samplers.

A pressure-testing site is available, which enables pressure sensor relevant parameters to be determined at wafer level.
For process control and layer optimisation from UV to IR (up to 3000nm) when optimising sensor-specific recognition systems, the appropriate measuring sites, error analysis systems and screening tests are available. In addition, a wide range of imaging and solid-state analysis methods are available, which can be supplemented as required by the expertise of external associates.


  • Semi-automatic eight-inch wafer sampler, four/six-inch double-sided wafer sampler
  • Probe pressure module for pressure measurements on wafer (MEMS)
  • Optowafer sampler (incl. OBIC)
  • Climate test chamber
  • Temperature shock chamber
  • Pressure cooker
  • Semiconductor metrology (CV, TVS, UBR, pinhole, lifetime)
  • Solid state analytics (REM, EDX, AFM, optical profilometry)