Deep etched structures

To produce 3D components, depending on the structural requirements and compatibility demands, various processes are needed with other manufacturing methods or materials to structure laterally masked areas in the third dimension (“depth”).

For complex, multidimensional forms several of these processes can be combined into 3D structuring.
With silicon’s crystalline structure the forms achievable through isotropic and anisotropic wet chemical etching processes are very limited. For a greater variety of silicon’s erosive formability electrochemical or plasma-supported etching processes are employed.

The aforementioned deep etchings are used to achieve 3D components in chips, mainly through silicon vias, membranes, also in connection with rigid structures, beams, spring structures, trenches, recessed bond areas, etc. and construction elements such as chip carriers, mechanical-electrical interfaces for nano and microstructured sensors and actuators, functional cavities for optical systems, mechanical brackets for optical and microoptical components, etc.