Research and development from design to prototyping

We are your partner for product oriented research and development of new sensor solutions and microsystems based on silicon technologies. Customers benefit from our closed value chain from design to production. We focus on mechanic optoelectronic and capacitive microsystems for industrial application and radiation detectors for science and research.


CiS Research Institute is a founding member of the "Advanced UV for Life e.V." association

As successor of the BMBF consortium of the same name, it bundles the competences from industry and science along the entire value chain - from the concept to the UV semiconductor to its application. Dr. Olaf Brodersen, Senior Business Unit Manager MOEMS at the CiS Research Institute, was elected to the new board of directors [learn more]

Two start-up teams benefit from all-round support from the CiS Research Institute

Two start-ups from Jena were able to pitch an LOI with the CiS Research Institute yesterday during the now fourth edition of the technology competition getstarted2gether. We are looking forward to a six-month intensive cooperation with the founding teams of Coachwhisperer GmbH and 4Pilots GmbH. The audience award of the FTVT, endowed with 1,000 euros, also went to Coachwhisperer GmbH [learn more]

IVAM Hightech Summit 2021

Dr. Martin Schädel, Head of the MOEMS Business Unit, will talk about "Sensor solutions for measuring vital parameters in the ear" in Stage 2 "Medical Technology: Microtechnology for Mobile Diagnostics and Therapy" on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 as part of the IVAM Hightech Summit [learn more]

AniTHA - Analog integrated temperature compensation for high temperature applications

The newly designed piezoresistive pressure sensor chips with analog integrated temperature compensation are suitable for operating temperatures of up to about 300°C. The sensor is based on an intelligent connection of the measuring bridge with passive components. The basis is an intelligent interconnection of the measuring bridge with passive components [learn more]

CiS Research Institute receives "Innovation Award 2021 Innovation Level" award

In the category "Innovative Product or Patent in the Healthcare Sector", the Senetics Healthcare Group, honors the development of the optical blood pressure sensor at the CiS Research Institute [learn more]

Technology competition getstarted2gether enters 4th round

The technology competition getstarted2gether enters the 4th round. For four weeks, technology-oriented start-up teams now have the opportunity to apply for mentoring projects at a Thuringian research institution (WINAFO). The start-up potential is presented in a 10-minute pitch [learn more]

R&D project PhIR-10 - Gas detection based on absorbers integrated in thermopiles

The focus is on the development of thermopiles with special absorbers and their fabrication with established semiconductor processes. Through simulations and experiments with demonstrators on selected gases, the function is to be investigated and verified [learn more]

Physics team of the University of Jena and the CiS Research Institute is awarded with highly endowed innovation prize

Encrypted communication with the help of quantum processors - Physics team of the University of Jena and the CiS Research Institute is awarded with highly endowed innovation prize "INNOspace Masters Award" of the "DLR Challenge" for the project "QuVeKS - Quantum Processors for Encrypted Communication with Satellites [learn more]

BAVI - Determination of the operating force of fasteners

Based on a MEMS technology platform, a sensor module was developed that determines the preload force and the operating force as well as their change over time. The user can flexibly design a measurement cycle, thus achieving greater maintenance intervals as well as the possibility of remote diagnostics [learn more]

Intelligent development environment for flexible and fast microsensor prototyping

With the support of the European Union within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE), the CiS Forschungsinstitut is establishing an intelligent development environment for flexible and fast microsensor prototyping that enables permanent, largely automated parameter acquisition and control in the course of microsystem prototype production [Show info]

Supported by the Free State of Thuringia with funds from the European Social Fund

Supported by the European Social Fund, CiS is preparing to modernise its infrastructure in order to be fit for future research and development activities [show info]

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