Research and Development from Design to Prototyping

We are your partner for industrial research and development of silicon-based sensors.
You benefit from our many years of experience in development and manufacturing. We offer a closed in house value chain from design to manufacturing.

Main areas of activity are MEMS and MOEMS with highest stability and reliability.
You will receive adapted customized solutions for your sensor systems, as well as small series manufacturing and reliability and lifetime qualification.

CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


We start highly motivated and want to accomplish set challenges  together with you. At the same time, we look forward to more personal encounters as well as new projects and intensive exchange. For the new year, we wish you all the best, business success – and stay healthy.

  • BDMon – Vital monitoring in-ear sensor for non-invasive beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring
    The non-invasive, cuff-free measurement of blood pressure suitable for everyday use is one of the central goals of the ZIM project "BDMon", which started in January 2022. Together with partners from industry and research, the in-ear sensor developed at the CiS Research Institute will be transferred into medical products [Read more]
  • PoRr project launched to develop photodiodes without back reflection
    Photodiodes without back reflection improve stray light sensitive applications such as particle measurement devices, making them more accurate, faster and cheaper. In the newly launched PoRr research project, various approaches to structuring and antireflection coating of silicon are being analyzed and tested for this purpose [Read more]
  • InnoCON Thuringia 2021 also starts online in 2021
    InnoCON, the flagship event for the implementation and further development of the Thuringian Innovation Strategy, has just started. Steffen Biermann presents the joint project "IR sources for modern gas sensors". Together with CMOS IR GmbH, the CiS Research Institute has developed a technology for the production of miniaturized IR emitters. Dr. Klaus Ettrich is the contact person for "H2 pressure sensors". In the consortium HYPOS the CiS Research Institute developed a hydrogen resistant MEMS based pressure sensor, which can be used as a component in a H2 multisensor system that determines not only the pressure but also the temperature, residual gases and the concentration of hydrogen [Read more]
  • 2nd Status Workshop of the BMBF Growth Core HIPS: “Silicon meets Ceramics
    At the 2nd HIPS "Silicon meets Ceramics" status workshop, the alliance partners will provide an overview of the current status of their R&D work. Tomorrow's online event will focus on high-performance sensor technology, multilayer ceramic technology and silicon-based packaging technology [Read more]
  • Development of Stacking Technologies for Resonant Silicon Differential Pressure Sensors (ReSi-DDS)
    Resonant pressure sensors have versatile potential for applications in the hydrogen economy. The newly launched research project ReSi-DDS of the CiS Research Institute aims at the development of stacking technologies for the fabrication of resonator structures for resonant silicon pressure sensors [Read more]
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